Choose UNION, there are NO EXTRA COSTS!

By joining the Dual option, you will be entitled to the invoice showing the corresponding fee for the defined time slots.

Time Bands:

F1 from 8.00 to 19.00 from Monday to Friday (excluding national holidays)
F2 from 7.00 am to 8.00 am and from 7.00 pm to 11.00 pm from Monday to Friday (excluding national holidays)
F3 from 11pm to 7am Monday to Saturday and all Sundays and national holidays

In addition, the Gas fee is undifferentiated for consumption made during the day.

PRICE LOCKED from entry into supply for 12 months.

The fee will be changed starting from the thirteenth month of supply of the electricity supply contract subject to our notice and adjustment to the best market conditions of the moment.

By signing the supply contract with UNION free for you € 40 of energy bonus or many products of your choice.
For further savings, you can evaluate the Dual Offer and receive up to € 80 of energy bonus or many products of your choice.

By joining the UNION FLASH3 THREE-PRICE offer you will not have to pay the cancellation costs with the old supplier, you will also be able to take advantage of numerous advantages:


Use the interactive map to locate our UNION STORE nearest you


With the acronym SDD it indicates the collection of the bill with automatic debit to your bank or postal current account.
Activating the SDD (Banking Domiciliation) is very simple: simply fill in the appropriate authorization form to be delivered together with the contract at our branches or by fax to 081 5012544 or by e-mail at: servizioclienti@uniongaseluce.it
If you choose SDD mode, you will not be charged the security deposit.


For you the possibility to access a Reserved Web Area available on the site.
Through this area you will have the possibility to communicate with our operators, modify your personal data, consult the account statement, the latest readings and invoices and communicate the meter self-reading.


For you the possibility to access your Customer Area directly from your mobile device, download it now for Android and iOS.
Through the app you will have the possibility to communicate with our operators, modify your access data, consult the statement of account, the latest readings and graphs of conumi, view and download the invoices, communicate the self-reading of the meter, find the Ugm Net service center nearest you via the interactive map

Assistenza Personale


The toll-free number 800.210.760 is available for you to contact fixed-line customer support.
In addition, assistance is also provided by e-mail to the following e-mail address: servizioclienti@uniongaseluce.it, Web Client Area, Social Network through the institutional Facebook page “Union Gas e Luce”.

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