About us

Union Gas and Luce s.p.a., we are specialized in the sale of natural gas and electricity, at the head of the holding Union Energy Group S.p.a. With our service points we cover the entire national territory and serve more than 70,000 customers. Our company was founded in 2005 from the commitment of a family of entrepreneurs in the sector, whose activity began back in 1960.

The profuse commitment and clarity have made us grow, allowing us to carve out an important slice of the market for the sale of gas and electricity.
Our business philosophy is to put the customer at the center of every strategy.
The company group, although numerous, is our family and respects shared values


We aim for constant growth in the energy market and we have ambitious projects. We are developing new models to meet the real needs of customers, to help them use and manage energy more efficiently. The company is always open to new partnerships for sharing values and projects, as well as for combining know-how with companies from other regions. But our expansion in the supply service throughout the national territory is above all functional to a professional growth based on up-to-date skills and innovative, effective and highly customized technological and organizational solutions according to the needs of the client and the organization.


UNION has ambitious projects on which it works with the enthusiasm of those who believe in their company, in human resources and in the expansion of markets, through professionalism and integrated planning. UNION will develop new models to meet the real needs of customers, to help them use and manage energy more efficiently. The company will open up to new partnerships for territorial sharing, values and projects, as well as combining know-how with companies from other territories. The network of collaborators in research, technology, new product development and marketing will increase, to search together for new solutions. It will create a network with business customers and increase products and services to better satisfy customers.

6 Founders
340 Employees
15 years
64 Point




It is the sector that follows, through a dedicated Commercial Director, the residential customer and therefore the families. Thanks to competent figures, Union Gas and Light analyzes the last energy bill held by the customer in order to carry out a specific and careful consultation to understand well what real and certified advantage the customer can have and, above all, to analyze the costs and consumption and optimize them with transparency and specific competence. The customer is followed and guided to saving both by changing supplier and in the case he should make a new energy connection. We bill for real consumption and, through customer service, we offer a loyalty program and promotions.


Through a specific Commercial Director we follow the companies individually. They will have at their disposal a consultant during the cost analysis and the most advantageous offer and a dedicated area manager who, periodically, will do customer care directly at the customer’s site. We are aware that the optimization of energy costs is a fundamental factor in companies, so the advice provided is constant and systematic for continuous and always updated savings.


Through this newly created sector, also with a specific Commercial Director, we face the need for differentiation between companies that record large consumption and those that, instead, have medium-small consumption. Advice on large consumption must be personalized and extremely specific, with a proportionate saving to the same quantities. Our company buys the raw material specifically for these supplies, so as to have cheaper prices.

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